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Workflow design: You will design and implement scalable and efficient AI/ML workflows, including data pre-processing, model training, evaluation, and deployment.

Orchestration: You orchestrate complex AI/ML pipelines using tools such as Kubernetes, Airflow or Kubeflow to ensure seamless automation.

Infrastructure: You manage and optimize the infrastructure (cloud or on-premise) for the execution of AI/ML workloads

Monitoring and logging: You will set up comprehensive monitoring and logging systems to monitor the performance, reliability, and scalability of AI/ML models.

Optimization: Identify and resolve bottlenecks in AI/ML workflows to continuously improve efficiency and performance.

Collaboration: You will work closely with Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers and Software Developers to successfully bring AI/ML solutions into production.

We offer:

  • Working with a competent team and learning a lot!
  • An attractive salary & share package if you are fit & committed.
  • Complex challenges that push your limits and unleash your full potential.
  • A collegial and supportive working environment
  • The chance to improve yourself & the world with us!

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