We are a team of founders and doers from the digital and craftsman scene with a great passion for solving everyday problems in acquiring contracts through technology and marketing.

Our Story

Burckhardt Bonello


Successful Serial Founder, Company Builder, Investor, Inventor, Digital Pioneer with Computer Engineering background with a passion for construction and sustainability.

“I have personally experienced what it means being on the builder side in three large construction projects with up to 40 trades how stressful, complicated and frustrating construction projects can be.

As a digital entrepreneur, I vowed to do something about it. The trade urgently needs better and easy-to-use software and apps in order to cope with the increasing complexity, flood of data and time pressure. Seven years ago, together with Max Franke, I founded the Meister1 company, the leading company for the automated creation of offers for the trade.

Meistersystems is now completing the other processes in construction and, together with Meister1, offers a comprehensive solution for craftsmen and building owners alike, so that cooperation can run seamlessly and efficiently in a coordinated manner. We make construction projects fun again. That is our goal. “

Burckhardt Bonello, Founder

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