Spotlight features that will make your life so much easier

The more quotes the more projects right?

Generate client-ready and legally binding quotes in the speed of light with all required information from our extensive library of templates or simply create your own templates for your specific needs.

Make sense of time delays for maximum efficiency

Plan timing, deadlines and milestones of all stakeholders involved in a single time sheet that is transparent to everyone. Quickly adjust schedules when necessary and fill in breaks with other tasks.

Never be over budget again

Plan, control and adjust budget for time and material of your building project throughout entire life cycle.

Clients will make faster decisions with these built-in home inspiration

Your clients can choose from a variety of products on the go with the built-in product catalogue.

Stay on top of things at any time

With Meistersystems easy to use task management with checklists and reminders you can manage and follow up progress of all tasks across all parties that anybody from anywhere can access.

Say goodbye to bottlenecks and waiting for approvals

Meistersystem's whatsapp-like chat enables effortless team communication from whereever whenever. Get your approvals just in time and avoid waiting or miscommunication. Plus it's a great form of documentation and transparency for you.

Hassle-free legally binding work with all suppliers

Control the purchasing of products and services from suppliers and use as a legally-binding agreement where there is no existing contract, retain for record keeping.

Sounds easy? It's not

Manage additional work or removed requirements from the original scope of work and have it written out and approved by all parties to get back to the work that's more fun.

Did you know? Change orders are one of the most common types of construction delays.

Document progress with photo and text

On-site photo documentation to ensure correct execution and keep track of defects

Keep track of team's progress with daily logs

Track timing and progress of your team to ensure in time delivery of your building project

All your documents in one place

Be safe at anytime with legally binding agreements, approvals and more

Win new clients

Place your bids with custom made templates and win new clients in a blink of an eye

Ready to level up your deal acquisition?